Alana C - Gangbang Creampie 138 [HD 720p] - GangbangCreampie

Alana C - Gangbang Creampie 138 [HD 720p] - GangbangCreampie

Greetings and Salutations friends. We're here again, with a brand new lady for your enjoyment! We have the filthy-milfy Alana C! She's a first time flyer here with us at So we're gonna do our best to give her the best gangbang day we can! This week we switch it up a bit, and have a little fun on the road. We have Alana C, she's in the front seat, the gang in tow. We get to know about her just a little bit, asking her some random questions, and getting some sexy answers. We quickly find out she's quite the exhibitionist which is out cue to get her out of that top. She does so obediently, and we continue our journey. Our shenanigans continue as we search for people to flash as we head down the road. It doesn't go great at first, until the most opportune moment, when we get stuck at a stoplight within clear view of a very nice man. Getting his attention, she gives him a great shot of her natural tits, before we take off. We hear a couple more stories about her as we ride around town with a naked chick in the front seat. We have her get dressed, grab some grub, and head back to the studio for a more, "Traditional," interview. She tells us a very cool story about getting roped into a threesome, she hints at another story regarding multiple Tinder dates at the same time, and gets introduced to the #Cocksmen. We have Mitt and Kyle, and our special guests, Chris, and Wrex. As chance would have it, Alana C and Chris have met before. They've also fucked before, so that makes the introduction that much easier. We have a couple more stories that end up in the BTS (so stay tuned for that). Then it's time to get this party started! 

We have the luscious Alana on her knees, surrounded by cock, just like we promised. She's pretty excited, as we all know, she's a HUGE nympho. That means she's right at home around these dicks, so she does what she does best, and gets them warmed up. She starts sucking them, going around the horn, stroking them. She's does quite well with her multitasking, give the guys the full attention of all her limbs. Her gorgeous natural tits come out of that pretty white top, as she gets messier and messier. She gets some great "Cock-topus" action before we move on. 

Just before the GangBang we get another show of how kinky this lady is, we try to tie her down a bit, though we didn't do the best job.. and finally a great story about our very own Cocksmen Kyle and a little trick we played on him at the office.. You'll have to hear it for yourself 

She's on the bench, those natural knockers hanging out, nothing under that sexy blue skirt. She's got a great big smile on her face, because she knows what's coming next. The cocks, the cream, it's gonna be a blast. She get's undressed post-haste and back on the bench where the guys get their faces right in her pussy. They all take a turn eating her pretty snatch. She takes this rare downtime to stroke and suck each of their cocks. The fucking starts, as they rotate around her sharing her, each getting a turn to feel her out. They take her doggy on the bench, while she sucks the guy in front of her off. They take turns in each spot, before it's too much to handle and the loads start flowing. She takes a total of 4 HUGE SLOPPY loads this week, each one getting her pussy fuller and fuller. Some of the Creampies are so sexy we give you the alt angle so you can see how sexy it is from a different point of view. She fucks, takes creampies, and eats the droppage from each off the bench. Did we mention how naughty of a girl she is. We finish her off with the vibrator all over her cum glazed pussy before we fade off into the distance, her great smile behind a sloppy pussy. 
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