Hannah Hays - Fathers Day Fuck [HD 720p] - MyFamilyPies

Hannah Hays - Fathers Day Fuck [HD 720p] - MyFamilyPies

Hannah Hays is intent on one-upping her mom to celebrate her new stepdad Dick Chibbles for Fathers Day. She dresses in a bra and thong to bring Dick breakfast in bed. Hannahs mom tells her daughter to put some clothes on and leaves the room to go make a healthy breakfast. Rather than listening, Hannah sticks around to feed her stepdad cereal. The competition continues when the girls give out cards, at which point Hannahs mom realizes that Charles is hard for his stepdaughter!

Later, as her mom prepares supper, Hannah brings Charles another gift. Its her panties wrapped in a box because shes not wearing any. Thats too much for Charles to bear, especially once Hannah places his hand on her bare pussy. He keeps stroking as Hannah hikes up her miniskirt to reveal how wet she is, then bites back a groan of delight as Hannah fastens her naughty little mouth around his hardon and starts sucking in a deep throat BJ.

Getting on her knees on the couch so shes hidden from her moms view, Hannah wiggles with delight as her stepdad shoves his dick deep into her twat. Her bald pussy throbs with excitement as Charles pulls her into his lap so she can ride his fuck stick. Then he lays her down on her side for a semi-spooning fuck that finishes her off while he muffles her moans. Just as Charles pulls out to cover Hannahs shaved pussy with a shot of cum, Hannahs mom catches them in the act and kicks her new husband out of the house.
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